Business Law - encompassing contract issues, trade practices, unreasonable conduct, interpretation, copyright, credit

Tenancy Law - principally the interaction of Landlords and Tenants and issues which divide and unite them

Franchise Issues - from the beginning of the relationship to the maturity and, if necessary, the separating

Family Law - family law and all its various colours and hues from relationships between married and formerly married couples, de-facto's, same sex issues, adolescent relationships, property, children, blended families and the list goes on. Family law now includes the ability to issue certificates as a family dispute resolution supplier.

Partnerships & Joint Ventures - the why and why not's and where to from here

Beneficiary & Probate matters - whether or not there is a Will, there are endless opportunities for parties to revisit the life and times of the dearly beloved departed

Building & Construction - the area where often desires and reality conflict and where small issues become nightmares

Property in all its forms and issues - This is still the major investment of any Australian, whether it is renting, buying, selling, renovating, conflicts occur

Credit/debt - including the giving and taking, arrangements, solvency

Employment Relationships - the need for harmonious relationships is as important as a safe work environment. Unmet expectations, bullying, opportunities lost, unhappy lives are just a few of the issues dealt with. 


Discrimination and unfair dismissal are real issues that effect real lives

Small and Family Businesses - each is different: they are the foundation of industry employing and occupying the minds of the majority of the population. Succession and continuity will often bring forth a dispute which for all concerned needs understanding and retraining.

Litigation - once an issues is in Court it does not mean that all negotiations or bets are off. It is often the issuing of a proceeding that acts as a catalyst for a real discussion and understanding. The fact of costs is a very sobering reality.

Community - we chose where we live so that we can enjoy the amenities. When these are threatened or perceived to be threatened, reality and needs clash.




•  Conveyancing
•  Debt & credit
•  Dispute resolutions
•  Family
•  Franchising
•  Mortgages
•  Negotiation / preliminary advice
•  Partnerships & joint ventures
•  Probate
Small Business

•  Succession planning
•  Tenancy law
•  Resolving family connected matters

•  Trusts
•  Wills and Estates

Facilitation &



A matter does not need to be in court or at a stage of breakdown for the participants to turn to an experienced third party to assist, facilitate or negotiate a solution. Marcel offers his expertise, insight and experience to assist parties to talk, actively listen, negotiate and communicate. This enables participants to move from the realities of the past and present to the future.



Not all matters are legal. Some just need a friend to listen, brainstorm or be a sounding board.

Arbitration &




If all else fails and the parties must have a decision, Marcel has presided over numerous arbitrations both formal and informal.